AcrOludeniz World Cup day 2.: the first task has been cancelled

Yesterday evening we had another briefing to fill out the maneuver sheets for the first tasks. The judges decided to start the competition with a restricted announced program where it was only possible to choose maneuvers not higher than 1.8 coefficient (until Tumbling, Misty to Helico and Mactwist to Helico).

In the morning the weather was looking good and around 9 the first pilots were sent up to the top of Babadag. The run started but only the first two pilots Horacio Llorenz and Sebastian Kahn were able to fly out before the clouds covered the mountain. Unfortunately the clouds continued to grow quickly so the pilots came down and soon after it started to rain. At 14:00 local time the task was finally cancelled.

At the moment everybody is chilling and waiting in Ölüdeniz hoping for better conditions tomorrow. Watch the fresh videos from today: