AcrOludeniz World Cup day 3.: Pál Takáts wins first run

Words from acroparaglidingevents . com:

After 2 days of raining and changeable weather the sun is back in Oludeniz :-). Today we started the day with shuttle the pilots up to the take off at 8:00 am. At the beginning of the day the wind at take off was very strong so there was no possibility to fly. So another parawaiting for one hour and then it was time to start the competition.

The pilots had to perform 6 maneuvers in front of the judges. The routine they could select was limited to the maneuvers until coefficient 1,80. Many pilots trained there skills during the winter season and you could see that the level is getting higher. The judges enjoyed alot the performances they saw and they are excited what will be happening in the next run.

Download the results of the 1st run here.

The second task started today afternoon but there was not enough time to finish the task (about half of the pilots has completed it). Tomorrow after finishing this second task the final run will take place. The shuttles to take off will run at 8:00 am.