AcrOludeniz World Cup final day: second run completed, final task about to begin!

The second task (that started yesterday already) has been completed and the results were published about an hour ago.

The winners of the second task and the overall TOP3 pilots are:

1st Pál Takáts (overall 1st)
2nd Gábor Kézi (overall 3rd)
3rd Xandi Meschuh (overall 2nd)

The shuttle with the first 15 pilots has already arrived to launch and the final run is just about to begin right now! Now the pilots are allowed to perform any maneuver again so everybody is going for his strongest possible routine!

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You go on feeding my dreams and thank you a lot Pal and Gabor; Congratulations to the best examples that you are...a such happy end like this couldn't have been in a different way; all is good...justhappyness!!!



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A huge compliment and thank-you for the detailed and fast reporting!

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RESULTS ONLINE at www . acroparaglidingevents . com !!!