Hungary ruled the podium in Turkey - AcrOludeniz World Cup

Sunday night the Hungarians ruled the podium on the beach of Ölüdeniz!

Pál Takáts won the first World Cup event of the year 15 points ahead of his team partner Gábor Kézi. For the first time in acro competition history in their last two runs they performed Pál's trademark the newest trick called Esfera.The first woman was Alexandra Grillmayer - also from Hungary - with great clearance from the other girls! All three pilots are flying with U-Turn Thriller. Xandi Meschuh just missed the podium due to a failed Misty Flip so finally Félix Rodriguez came 3rd. Tim Alongi finished 5th, although he even forgot to fly one of his tricks in the first task!


Acro Paragliding World Cup Ranking
After this first event the current 2011 APWC Ranking after the first Acro Paragliding Wolrd Cup in Oludeniz for Solo. The top 12 pilots of each task win points for the Ranking, depending on the position they reach (the winner of the task receives 25 points, the 12th pilot 1 point).
PilotWorld Cup Points
1. Pal Takats70
2. Tim Alongi36
3. Gabor Kezi34
4. Hernan Pitocco33
5. Horacio Llorens29
6. Xandi Meschuh27
7. Francois Ragolski27
8. Felix Rodriguez27
9. Remo Niederer16
10. Lino Oehl16
11. Sebastian Kahn7
12. Renán Andrés Morales4
13. Ricky Kahn2
14. Phillipp Rothenbühler2
15. Bernd Hornböck2
16. Marvin Ogger1

Gábor Kézi, Pál Takáts and Félix Rodriguez on the podium

Results of Acroludeniz World Cup:
1. Pal Takats - HUN
2. Gabor Kezi - HUN
3. Felix Rodriguez - ESP
4. Xandi Meschuh - AUT
5. Tim Alongi - FRA
6. Horacio Llorens - ESP
7. Hernen Pittocco - ARG
8. Remo Niederer - SUI
9. Lino Oehl - GER
10. Francois Ragolski - FRA

Final Results
Final Results.pdf
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Results Run 3
Solo Run 3.pdf
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Results Run 2
Solo Run 2.pdf
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Results Run 1
Solo Run 1.pdf
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i find it great that you make videos, interviews and let others know whats going on at the acro events for people that arnt lucky enough to attend them. keep up the good work and maybe will get a bigger audience to our growing sport.
thanks pal!!

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Congrats!!!! You kick asss in the air but how is going with your wrestling skills by the way ?;D