Legal flying in Austria from this season

Flying in Austria was not legal since the birth of our sport, however very few was aware of this, since it wasn't enforced much. Except at places like Geritzen, where too much stuff happened, and pulling out a 20 year old regulation seamed to be the perfect way to keep foreign pilots away.

Looks like this is going to change from May 1st, and there is a new regulation in final review. Pilots holding a hang gliding or paragliding license from following countries my than lawfully fly in the Austrian Alps:

  • Australia
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Hungary
  • France
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine

The Austrian Aeroclub have proofed these regulation, and accepeted them as equivalent to Austrian license.

Keep in mind, 3rd party liability insurance is a must, and you have to carry your licence and insurance with you on the flight.

Pilots from all other countries may obtain a special “Guest-Licence” from the local “Austrian Flying School” by providing proof of qualification (e.g. IPPI card, national license,…).

This is great news for our upcoming event the justACRO Boogie. See you all there soon!

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Happy news for the JustACRO Boogie for all the foreign pilots WITHOUT German/Swiss/Austrian licences!
The new law (announced earlier here) is not yet legally in force so we had to find another solution to solve this problem:
Supported by the local school, Kärntner Flugschulen, there will be the possibility to receive an Austrian Guest Pilot Licence so you can all fly legally! :)
The documentation will be done at the registration for the Boogie. Please don't forget to bring ALL YOUR LICENCES and DOCUMENTS with you!
More news and details will follow. Many thanks to the Flugschule and Xandi Meschuh for helping!
See you in a few weeks :)

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Hi everybody,
We are in contact with the Austrian Aeroclub regarding this...From the paraglider's side the law is ready to go but apparently it is not in force yet....The reason is that the law includes many other flying sports as well (like hang-gliders, ultralights, etc) and they are still discussing some details in other non-paragliding related topics...too bad...

Xandi is helping to find a solution for the justACRO Boogie. We will let you know as soon as possible!

Fingers crossed,

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Hi, does anyone know if these new regulations are live yet?

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This is great! Looking forward an awesome season on the Austrian alps and Lakes ;)

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There is no official statement published yet. But we are expecting the new regulation to be online on the 1st of May, most probably. Will let you know when we found it.

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poor Belgian suckers ..... if our federation wouldn't make a mess out off itself like our gouvernement does, we would also be accepted. But no, our president sees the federation as Poetin sees Russia....

on the other hand, I think Belgian pilots who have the official paramotorlicense would be accepted as legal, due to the fact that our paramotorlicense is accepted in our lawsystem. Only paramotorfederation doesn't see the need to contact austria to legalize their license for paragliding, cause they again see paragliding as a total different sport :)

crazy country I would say....

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No more detail than what you can read above. I don't think it will be valid for Tandems, but maybe.

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Is the new regulation valid for tandem licenses from the above listed countries as well? Where can the new regulation be viewed? Has the draft been published somewhere officially?