justACRO Boogie

Event date: 
2016/07/25 to 2016/07/31
Flieger-Base, Annenheim, Austria

Latest update: 26.07.2016

justACRO.com is tumbling to be 10 years old this summer!
I kindly invite all of you to celebrate, let's get together at the Gerlitzen acro paradise! Spend an unforgettable week flying, exchanging knowledge, relaxing, dancing, to remember the good old times and look into the bright future!

- Flying at the world's best over-the-water training site!
- 60 EUR for an 8 days ticket (normal price 94 EUR)
- Meet the scene, old friends and make new ones!
- Let's make our own acro show, just for fun!
- Barbecues!
- Water-slide landing!
- Video contest*
- Prices to win!
- Collective World Record attempts (SAT, Helico, Infinite)!
- Rescue boat on the lake!
- Party! ;)

*Video contest
Kindly inviting you to participate in the Boogie video contest!
It is not about the best trick or the most spectacular shots. We want you to be creative!
The concept:
- Form teams of maximum 5 people.
- Film and edit a short video between 25-30. July (Monday to Saturday) to present it on Saturday evening before the party.
- Length of video: maximum 5 minutes.
- Up to 5 teams can participate (if more, a jury will select).
- To register, send an email to info@justacro.com with the name of the team and the team members.

There are some nice prices to win! ;)

For all comp pilots: this is the week before the AcroMax World Cup, just 1 hour drive away from Gerlitzen! Come and play with us!

Great discount for the 8 days cable car ticket up to the mountain! So instead of 94 EUR, it will be only 60 EUR! This is only valid for participants of the event and only for the 8 days ticket. You will get a voucher when registering on-site. The ticket will be valid for 8 full days, so for example from Monday morning till next Monday evening.

Foreign licences: Happy news for the JustACRO Boogie for all the foreign pilots WITHOUT German/Swiss/Austrian licences!
The new law (announced earlier here) is not yet legally in force so we had to find another solution to solve this problem:
Supported by the local school, Kärntner Flugschulen, there will be the possibility to receive an Austrian Guest Pilot Licence so you can all fly legally! :)
The documentation will be done at the registration for the Boogie. Please don't forget to bring ALL YOUR LICENCES and DOCUMENTS with you!
The Guest Pilot Flying Licence for pilots without a recognized licence will be 10 EUR.

The registration fee for the week is 34 EUR and includes:
- a raffle ticket to win one from many our sponsored prices!
- a big barbecue on saturday evening
- safety boat ready on the lake all week long
- organisation

Hosted by Pál Takáts and Xandi Meschuh at the new Flieger-Base!

This page is still being updated!

See you soon! :)

In loving memory of Pauli, Alejandro, Antoine, Matthias and all other friends who will be there in our hearths!

Latest Comments

justACRO's picture

Hi Poiroo!

Registration will be done at the event location, Flieger-Base.

The guest licence will remain valid till the end of the year.

See you soon!

poiroo's picture

Hi Pal / Xandi, do I have to smoehow register in advance of Just Acro boogie? Is the guest pilot licence for this action or valid even after?

acro_guru's picture

Thank you, @Steffano, @lupus78.

lupus78's picture

Steffano is right, but Pál is working with Xandi to resolve this situation. They will have more info soon.

Steffano's picture

Hi! I have never been in Gerlitzen personally but I have friends who went there the previous years and got arrested by the police and successively released under payment due to not having a recognised paragliding license. Apparently in Austria the only legally recognised licenses are Austrian, German and Swiss, so any holder of a different international license flies in Austrian territory illegally and often not covered by insurance. IPPI card is no longer recognised by Austrian authority either. Before 2013 the situation was tolerated by the local police, but after an increased amount of incidents and reckless behaviour by some pilots in Gerlitzen, the situation went bad and the police started harassing non local pilots with fines and generally unkind( not to say racist) behaviour. I don' t know if recently things have improved recently, hence my first comment..

acro_guru's picture

what are the challenges that international pilots usually face, in this event and in other events?
Steffano !! what is your experience, please can you share with us?

Steffano's picture

Has the situation for international pilots improved for this year?