World Championship, Vertigo-Voss - CANCELLED

Event date: 
2008/08/22 to 2008/08/31
Voss, Norway

The 2nd FAI Aerobatics Paragliding World Championship is CANCELLED due to lack of sponsors!

Read the official statement:

"Oslo, February 26, 2008.

The working committee for the 2nd World Aerobatic Hang gliding and Paragliding Championship had a meeting yesterday on February the 25th.

After rearranging the committee in December and working very hard to try to get everything ready for the event, we had to face the facts yesterday and make a decision.

Due to economical reasons (lack of sponsors), Voss Hang and Paragliding club and the Norwegian Air sport Federation will not be able to arrange the World Championship schedules for August the 22nd to 31st.

We have got no sponsors! So far the only economic support we have got is from local authorities and local companies and they only covers about 15% of our budget. (This is the same situation as we had 40 days ago!) After all contact with possible sponsors we have had we see no chance today to get a sponsor willing to put their money into the arrangement.

We are very sorry to make this decision but we hope that when we took it now it might be time to get another country willing and able to arrange the 2008 FAI World Aerobatic Championship.

If you have further questions please contact Executive Officer HP/NLF

Arne H Hillestad, tel. +47 908 67 560 or mail "