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Acro over: 
Wind directions: 
South East, South, South West

Voss is one of the most famous flying sites in Norway. This breathtaking area is situated in Northern Norway, about one hour driving from Bergen.
The most frequently used site is Hanguren, which is also suitable for acro. It’s accessible by cable car from the centre of Voss (Hangursbanen) and it costs about 8 euro. The startplace is approximately 100 meters far to the east from the station at 620 meters ASL (height difference is 570 meters). The take off is smooth grassy slope, the optimal wind direction is south and by this the thermals are very nice from march to september. Sometimes it’s possible to start in weak northern winds by lee thermals but it can be quite risky.
The landing zone is in the the centre of Voss, on the beach of the lake Vangsvatnet. It’s strictly forbidden to land on the grassy farm of Molsetrtunet, just under the take off (emergency landing only). Don’t forget, you have to fly across the city to reach the beach. If you are at the half of the
Dangers: Pay attention for the cables of the cable car, to the right from the take off.
In June the seabreeze starts to became troublesome and give sidewind in the afternoon. Usually it’s 5-6 m/s strong but rarely it can be even 10 m/s. Watch the surface of the lake to see when the seabreeze starts to built up. During warm summer days the lakeside can be crowded by bathers. In this case, you can land next to the the estuary of the river (at the corner of the lake, called Grandane).
There are many other startplaces at the area but mostly for cross country flying.

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