Acro Game

Event date: 
2017/07/24 to 2017/07/30

After the first test event in 2016 the latest and most radical invitational contest is returning to the mecca of acro paragliding, Organyá! The Acro Game between 24-30th of July will see challenging 1on1 battles to perform latest and most cutting-edge aerobatics moves presented by a small group of carefully selected pilots! justACRO will be there having Pal Takats in the role of the jury.

The format: 15 invited pilots start the qualifications the first day and have to do tricks randomly selected (natural side or unnatural, twisted or not). If one fails, he get a letter. If one completes the word ACRO he will be eliminated. After 7 pilots are eliminated, the other 8 go to elimination battles, quarter final, semifinal and final. The battles start with one pilot doing a trick which his opponent has to repeat. The pilot who do it worse gets a letter. The turn to pick a trick is changing from one pilot to the other after each maneuver. The battle continues until one pilot gets the 4 letters ACRO and lose.

The selected pilots are:

Bicho Carrera (Chile)
Brooke Whatnall (Australia)
Egor Posokhin (Russia)
François Ragolski (France)
Gaetan Doligez (France)
Horacio Llorens (Spain)
Jeremy Peclard (Switzerland)
Kevin Philipp (Switzerland)
Ondrej Prochazka (Checz Republic)
Rafael Goberna (Brasil)
Raúl Rodriguez (España)
Theo de Blic (France)
Thomas Schlögl (Austria)
Tim Alongi (France)
Yeray González (Spain)