Well it is not really an acro competition but mostly acro pilots take part in it. It's the ultimate competition of "waga" flying - the purely freestyle art of canopy control.

What is it all about? All kind of tricks with ground contact such as helicopter landings, bare-footing, ground-spirals and many other advanced ground handling moves. Nowadays french pilots are purely dominating this discipline of paragliding and are also leading the evolution of waga by inventing the latest moves and settng new standards.

This unique event was first organized in 2003 by the well-known ParaTeam on the biggest dune in Europe, Dune du Pyla (near Bordeaux, France). The dune is 7km long, 110 meters high, and has a gorgeous view to the Atlantic.

Flying there is like having fun as children in a giant sandbox!

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anybody know what happend to the pilots that got helicoptered out at the waggas festival? On the first day of the competition a competitor crashed right after his first run. side impact after wingover close to ground. next day a unrelated (?) pilot crashed with legs first, having pulled big ears, apparently in parachutal condition, apparently because of failure to use the accelerator.
both pilots got helicoptered out. I hope they are okay and wish them all the best for their recovery! i was just wondering if somebody has details on their condition and cause of accident?