Acrolatino - the south american acro meeting!


ACROLATINO 2009 – 7th Edition of the ULTIMATE Paragliding Acromeeting in South America from 26th till 29th of November.

ACROLATINO is one of the most important Acro Competitions of South America and will give points to the participants for the 1st SOUTH AMERICAN ACROBATICS RANKING. It's not only a sporting event, it's a yearly meeting between expert and novice pilots practising new techniques, sharing experiences and above all, their passion for free flight, paragliding and acrobatic manoeuvres.
The meeting point will be the famous Yahuarcocha Lake where we watch the energy of each pilot as their passion and emotion produce pure adrenaline and breathe taking manoeuvres!

3 days of Paragliding Acro Competition with two categories: JUNIOR (Beginners) and ELITE (Advanced)

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Revoluttion 2009 - the first Spanish Acro Championship

A report about the Revolittion 2009 competition by Raul Rodriguez Acro World Champion and winner of the first official Spanish Acrobatics Paragliding Championship:

RR - "Finally after 10 years competing we had our first national acrobatics paragliding championship in Spain. It was the first weekend of September in the Sant Antoni Lake in La Pobla de Segur, Lleida.
The lake is one and a half hours away from Organya where all the participating pilots were training the previous weeks before the championship. In these trainings we could see the level of the new spanish acro talents. For me and the rest of the SAT pilots it was surprising to see that many of these pilots controlling perfectly their manouevres, their drifts and management of altitude. Still, two of the pilots had to use the rescue parachute in the last days of trainings...

The justACRO story: Adrenaline and Turbulence

A film dedicated to Mathias Roten.

Adrenaline and Turbulence (a film directed by András Kollmann) looks deep into the acro paragliding scene, presenting and interviewing many of the world's top pilots as they have never seen before. It’s the story of the justACRO Team - two motivated pilots from a flat country, who decide to give up their lives and make their dreams come true...

„An action film, an educational tool, a road movie and a story of personal triumph, Adrenaline and Turbulence is a movie that wears many hats”
Bob Drury

“Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi’s acro film is a new classic. Refreshingly, it doesn’t feature any monologues about life lessons or living in the moment – it simply revels in the sheer fun of it all. And rather than just being a collection of whacky stunts it stands alongside the classic Never Ending Thermal as an engaging, intelligent, well-shot film that tells a proper story. It even has a good soundtrack."

“It’s also educational and informative. Not in a ‘now weightshift left’ way, although there is a bit of that in the extras (and it’s well done), but in framing the whole acro scene, from its roots in the early 1990s, to today, where pilots like Pál and Gábor can pick up the sport and within a few years be on the podium. (...) It explains where the sport has come from, talks to the people who developed it, touches on acro’s slow, dangerous, two decades of development, and presents it as an accessible standalone discipline. All while showcasing some stunning flying in beautiful places…"
Ed Ewing - DVD review in the Cross Country magazine (sept/oct. 2009)

Adrenaline and Turbulence Film Festival Awards:

Spirit of Aviation - Air Film Festival Budapest - Grand Prize

Les Diablerets Mountain Film Festival / Diable d’Or, catégorie Freeride/Sport extrêmes (Best extreme sport film)

Coupe Icare / Icares du Cinema - Icare d'Or (Golden Icarus) Grand Prize of the festival

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justACRO D-Bag courses in Switzerland!

Attention! For experienced pilots only!

Ready for a new thrill?!?
Jump from tandem paraglider - D-Bag course with the justACRO Team

Let your experts Gábor Kézi and Pál Takáts guide you into the world of this unique start technique! No mather if you are an acro freak or a serious cross country pilot who want to start an XC flight early from a hot-air balloon, we will show you how to get there safe!
The only minimum requirements to participate in this course are to be able to perform stall maneuvers safely and know how to manage twists and cravattes.

Location: Walensee, Switzerland.
Take-off site: Schrina (1320m AMSL)
Landing place: Walenstadt (425m AMSL)

- 17th October (reserve day 18th)
- 7th November (reserve day 8th)

Thomas' Second D-Bag from Thomas Kuehne on Vimeo.

Freestylair - Swiss Championship

A new concept, beautiful location, super friendly atmosphere and tons of fun - these words would define briefly the first Freestyleair! And indeed, as kind of a "replacement" of the cancelled Vertigo, this quickly but very well organized event hosted the 2nd Swiss Acrobatics Championship, opened to international pilots as well. 11 teams in synchro, competing under the 'normal' APWC sporting code, and 26 solo pilots, following the new "freestyle" concept and between the runs the program was mixed up with helicopter d-bag demos, base jumpers, and so on...

The small village of Beckenried situated along the shore of the Vierwaldstaedtersee is a great location for an acro competition. Right in the center of town is the station of the cable car which climbs up a good 1100 meters to Klewenalp and the take-off spot is just a few minutes walking away. However, the fly-out is quite long, but it still gives a guaranteed 600-700+ meters to work with over the water, where the valley wind is usually only moderate.

The idea was to create an event based on the official world cup rules (using the same judging system), but with some additional elements to give the pilots more freedom to express their style. The problem with the current APWC rules is that to get the best scores, the top pilots need to perform exactly the same maneuvers (like Tumbling, Infinity, and the combination of Helico to SAT, SAT to Helico or Heli to Heli). At the same time the level is getting so high that a bunch of pilots perform these tricks almost flawlessly, giving hard time to the judges and rising extremely the importance of the landing points for the final ranking.

The rules in a nutshell:
The pilots had to perform 5 (+2 bonus) maneuvers. There were no "connection" maneuvers like SAT to Helico or Helico to Helico, instead the way of connection between the maneuvers were scored separately (maximum 4 of them, between the 5 figures) with a coefficient of 0.8 for dynamic connections and 1.6 for negative (stalling) connections. Furthermore everyone could perform 2 more "bonus" maneuvers for extra points (doesn't matter what, just something nice and clean, but no radical trick) at the end of the run with 0.5 coefficient for each trick. Of course not everybody had the chance or the right strategy to be able to go for the bonus tricks. The weight of landing and choreography were raised up with 5-5 %, so the techical execution of the figures got 60%, whilts choreo 25% and landing 15% of the total scoring. Before the first solo there wasn't even a maneuver sheet to fill so it was really "freestyle", actually even too much, because sometimes the action turned to be extremely difficult to follow for judges :-) So for the second run the participants had to announce their 5 figures and their order, but the 4 connections and the bonus tricks still offered a great freedom. Another extra feature was to be able to put 3 helicopters in one run.

Swiss Champion Hervé Cerutti

In the overall solo category Pál Takáts finished first, flying the U-Turn Thriller (with Precise Profile Nose system and the world´s first Extended Aeration System), which is the result of 2 years development and testing, a workout of U-Turn Team Pilots Pál, Gábor and Bernd and constructor Ernst Strobl. Pál won 2 runs mostly performing a Tumbling, an Infinity and 3 Helicopters with quick Twister connections, finishing with the bonus tricks. Defending Swiss Champion Hervé Cerutti (flying Gradient Seven) showed his best again. Despite having no Infinity Tumbling in his program, the precise helico combos and of course his speciality, the breathtaking ground-spiral-raft-landings in every run brought him the overall 2nd place and the Swiss Champion title again, a good 30 points ahead Remo Niederer (overall 4th) and Christian Maurer (overall 6th)!
Several ambitious, young german acro pilots, who are training for years now, but joined the competitions for the first time this season, now surprised the scene with their great performance! The young Bauer Josef took the overall 3rd place and Schweizer Jochen finished 5th!

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Swiss Solo Podium

The american twins Anthony and Timothy Green finished first in the open synchro category, just one point in front of the justACRO Team and the swiss synchro champions, the Lucky Clowns with Yves Berlovitz and Remo Niederer. The Twins performed nice synchro action with some really spectacular SAT Rodeos and synchro spirals all the way down to the water. The justACRO Team got no points for one of their synchro spirals in the first run, which gave a 10 points minus to the first position, and despite doing well in the last 2 flights they could just not turn it over.

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Synchro Podium - Pál had to hit the road before the ceremony...

The swiss Synchro Champions

Click to view justACRO's gallery of the competition, by Daniel Junkler and Andy Busslinger
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