Marobá Acro - Brasil


The first part of the Brazilian Open Acro Championships at the Marobá beach in Presidente Kennedy has ended. Finally 17 pilots (incl. 4 swiss, 1 argentinien and 1 hungarian) are participating. 

During the 4 days of the event (2-2 training and competition days)  a number of around only 30 flights were flown in total by all pilots together. The reasons for that were various. 
There were 2 towing boats, but one of them got damaged by the waves while putting it into the sea right on the first day...

Marobá open - Brasil


Dear pilots! I just got these informations from our friend Maurició "Gatinho" Braga from Brasil about the following event they are organizing. All pilots are warmly welcomed! You only need to get to Victoria and pay 250 EUR subscription fee for nearly 2 weeks of fun! Here are the infos:

Marobá open Acrobatics.
Country: Brazil, Espiritio Santo State
Dates: 28th of January to 7th February.

"The competition consists of 2 events in two weekends consecutives, one is below salt water (Presidente Kennedy) just on a very nice and clean beach, and the other over a lake (Linhares) natural lake with warm sweet water. At both locations the pilots will get into the air by towing boats.

One of the locations...

The competition start on 28th to 31 January 2010. (at Presidente Kennedy)

Between the two etapes from 31 January to 4th of February the pilots can fly in Castelo, a nice rocky mountain, famous for XC where a PWC comp was held in 2008.

The inscription fee is only 250 which includes:
All towings during the competitions.
All transportations to- and between the events including going to Castelo
3 meals per day during the competitions
Accomodations in Hotel - including the freeflying days in Castelo!

The price money for the Open Competition.

1º place R$ 2500 reais (around 1000 Euros)
2°place R$ 1500 reais (around 500 Euros)
3° place R$1000 reais (around 300 Euros)

To have all benefits the pilot need to make the inscription and pay the entry fee before 20th of January
Ps.: if you think about to tavel to brazil this can be very cheap way because the fly should cost around 900 euros plus 250 to stay around 10 days. The total cost around 1150 euros and fly without cost. Sometimes you pay this just a ticket
Come we wait for you guys! Gatinho"

+ info at the event's website (portugese only)

New Infinity World Record


Spanish two times World Cup Champion Horacio Llorens set a new world record of Infinity Tumbling - reports SOL, brasilian paraglider manufacturer.

It is however not yet published how many turns exactly Horacio performed and SOL makes a small game out of it so you need to guess...


The 2nd Aerobatics World Championships is cancelled... (again)

After 8 successfull editions of one of the oldest and most celebrated acro paragliding competitions the organizers of Acroaria has announced that due to economical reasons and lack of sponsors, they are unable to run the World Championships in Omegna in august 2010...
Just like in 2008 when the same thing happened with the norwegien Vertigo-Voss. The both cases (as well as last year's cancelled comps) clearly show nowadays difficult situation that the event organizers has to face, who are often risking their own money to keep the competition scene alive for us in a sport which somehow doesn't attract thousands of spectators, the medias and big sponsors...

Read the official release of the organization committee of Acroaria