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Hello everybody,

i am mikel from germany. i found your forum over google. i am a newbie in acro flying. what i fly at this time is sat and really cool wing overs. :)
so i want to buy a sky atis 2 freestyle. has anybody experience with that glider? (good/bad) i tested the glider the last to weeks and i feel veeeeeeeeery good with it. :)

thanks for your replies....


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I fly Atis acro but the older model it is great for starting acro and safe, it is not like acro models (sonic,morpheus,etc) but you will find it more then dinamic and fast then you expect.

All the best

Never end adventure.

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Acro in Germany ??? Aber es ist doch verboten !!!

Sorry, I spent two years in Germany and I miss these remarks at the take-off when you arrive with a non certified wing+harness.

But I cannot help you with the Atis. Sorry for this OT post.

Schoene Fluege in D,