Hello Guys!

Please take a look on www.dhv-mitgliederinitiative.de

They want to change the structure of the DHV ( German Paragliding Association) and also legalise Acro in Germany.
If u are a DHV member, you can sign in as a supporter on their website.



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"Ausarbeitung eines Ausbildungsprogramms" please NOT! HAHA

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ok, the site has changed since i read it 3-4 weeks ago. now u can find some statements not only some bulletpoints.

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At the moment there is very little information on the site, i think. As handerson i can´t find something about legalising Acro there.

Also the names are not really known (I think I´ve heard the name of Felix Merk somewhere, but I´m not sure).

The problem is that talking about "legalising Acro" is easy, but actually doing it requires a lot more than just the thought about the sport itself. I would really love to see something happening concerning that though.

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can´t say if this is a serious team behind. and they said nothing about legalizing acro flying in germany.
i heard, there must be old opponents of the dhv behind this "initiative". but maybe they have good statements and good suggestions are always welcome. but did you find them in the text?