R.I.P Renegades

The last flight of the Renegades!!!!

Look at : www.renegades.at

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Hei is impossible , broke the TEAM, u are unic in the ACRO show Team.
Hope come bcck soon again and see same team again on the sky.. :(

Best Regard
Loco Mad Marius
Tel: + 40 723 333 193

RobertPaulsen's picture

Why? Because it was time to. We had a really great time. We saw incredible flying spots. Met nice people. But after a time it is always the same ;o) The paragliding market is very small and if you do canopy relative work and the team consists of 4 person it is too special.
The best thing is to fly and have fun with your friends. now we have a new team, called team freestyle and we fly for our own pleasure. we make some videos and travel around to see some nice spots.... you feel more free and that's what is all about....


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translate! why????????

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Noooooooo, what a loss, but whyyy? You guys are so unique...you can't do this :-)