Where are all the american Arco pilots at ?

where do you guys do training at ?

are there any acro comps in the united states ?

I would like to train for it. I started flying back in 94 since i was 14 in japan and now im in the US .and want to get into acro flying. seems dead out here or am i just looking in the wrong places?


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Pay in madness!!! Pulling all sorts of contraptions over water and snow... But, in the end I went with the 6.5hp and will be heading down to SLC soon to hang a bit with Chris and Justin while getting it installed in the boat.



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The Lil 6.5 Honda motor is more than adequate. It reels in 4000' in about a minute. The chute never touches the water. I use it mostly in the boat and would not want a larger/louder motor. I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire performance of the Cloud Street Winch. Super smooth tows and low maintenance design. What is the need for the larger motor?

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Which Cloudstreet are you using??? I am considering going for the 15hp big mama, but Chris is telling me that the standard 6.5hp will work just fine...

Any comments on how yours is working?

Thanks, Jon

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Hei allan it was so nice to fly with you guys, big thank to all hawaiian pilots. I will never vorget it...:-) next challenge california, will see if there are some good acro hills.. Cheers and happy landing flo

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Great flight with you yesterday afternoon at Makapuu, Oahu, Hawaii. Great to have a Swiss acro pilot here in Hawaii to learn from. Any other pilots that will be on Oahu in Hawaii are more than welcome to contact me for a place to stay or site introductions at our local flying spots.

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Hello Everyone

We have just started doing lake tows here in South Carolina for the East Coast crowd. We have a super smooth Cloudstreet tow winch on a Mastercraft with enough power and speed to pull tandems, acro gliders, or even tandem acro gliders ie: Pal... We use an island in the middle of the lake with plenty of takeoff space in almost any direction, easy landing, and ample water all around it for the occasional reserve toss. If anyone wants to do some winter towing... Give me a call for details. The website isn't ready yet.

Nathan Beane
(828) 226-4623

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i will arrive oahu at the 9.jan and take my glider with me i fly also acro, i will stay at the study residenz at the boullevard near the waikikii beach, i have to improve ma english therefore sorry for my writing... send me a name or an adress from you for a meetig in oahu :D

PS: here my e-mail: sainhog@hotmail.com



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I am a newer pilot living in Hawaii on Oahu. I fly all over the island but mostly fly at Makapuu which is a vertical 1000-ft sea cliff next to the ocean. Normally get to 1500-ft (450-m) over the ocean and can get back up to elevation from 300-ft (100-m) all day long. Also have a small boat on the pier below. Should be a great acro training location but there is really nobody training out here. Nova put on a show recently doing some infinite tumbles on his trip.

If any pilots are looking for a year round training location feel free to give me a call or message me on the forum. Could probably arrange a place to stay here. Here is an xc flight from Makapuu up along the northern range.


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i will try to get ready for this comp !!!

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Hey all -

I've put a new post on my blog: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/novadasalla/2010/02/21/wait-a-year/

A lot of you have asked me about this competition that'll be held here in the US in June. Here's what I can tell you:

In January, I was asked to be part of a competition symposium organized by our flying association, USHPA. The association realized that in order to grow the sport, sanctioned competition in the US needed to happen. In addition to XC, acro was included. As we all know, it's a challenge to put on a legitimate, FAI-sanctioned comp and this one in the US is no different. The important stuff that you European guys want to know is whether or not you'll earn FAI points towards your ranking or will there be any prize money, well . . . . it's up in the air at the moment. (This is my goal in the US to get you guys out there, but not in 2010, IMHO.)

I'd love to have all you guys come out for this, but I know there's gotta be some incentive as the US isn't a place where you guys can just drive your acro vans over! ; ) I'll do what I can! As for now, the only European I'll have to worry about is Cyrille Marck since he'll be working here until late June. He's just the French champion and if he doesn't have the misty-tumbling down by then . . . . he's mine! Hee-hee.


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Yeeeah, Chris, pls keep us updated!
American pilots out there, commmon and join us in Europe for the comps (if there will be any, LOL) !
Nova, back to life? Stronger than ever? Whazzup dude!

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MR Nova . yes i been looking at your flying vids awesome i saw you got hurt are you gonna still fly after your recovery best of luck . i think i found you on face book . hit me up if you get the chance ,

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Hi Guys, we have plans for an acro comp at Bear Lake, UT June 11-13, 2010. It is our second time doing a competition there and it is called Wings Over Bear Lake. We will have HG and PG categories. I will try to provide information as it becomes available.

Chris Santacroce

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Hey Nova! come on to Salt Lake city this spring! I am working with Cloud 9 paragliding until late June.
Living in america dude! There is ONE acro pilot in the USA now... just kidding!

Checkout :


oooooh, yeah!

what about your back ? I've been told you got an accident at the point of the mountain...

Mail me back :


Talk soon!

Jah is my copilot