What is the max/min appropriate altitude for rhythmic/antirhythmic

What is the max/min appropriate altitude for rhythmic/antirhythmic?

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There is no maximum altitude...the higher the better...always!
If you are learning you have to be as high as possible and over water. Be high enough so if you fall into the canopy you still have a chance to survive. I would say 6-800 meters as minimum.

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Handy Instruments: I use “flyskyhy” to record my acro runs. For iphones only. Turn the app on, phone off pop it in the back of harness and gear up.
See photo using the track log graph I can see what height loss I’ve had. From there can accurately calculate last chance height I’d need in an emergency plus trick height.

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Coming down in anti rhythmic can take a lot of time and burns altitude fast. I would count at least 400m when the anti rhythmic starts.
Even with this altitude you should be careful: if you manage to get to infinity, it might take you a while before you get out and actually start the anti rhythmic.
Learn it high and make sure you can stall-exit before trying it lower (cfr Theo De Blic in his rhythmic tutorial)