When is Organya starting to be good ?

Hi guys, I am planning to go to Organya for some training, I am tired of the super cold & wet weather in Belgium... Does someone knows when it's good to stay in the air ? mid april ? THX, tom

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Hi guys,

thanks for your response,

no I do not know this belgian guy, I will try to find him and let you know,
see u soon on a take off


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You can already catch good days in April, but the weather in spring can be quite variable and the days are not so long yet, the valley wind isnt that strong either. I think it starts to be more reliable from May on and best is in from jun till september.

have fun

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I think its too early there incase of rain and very violent conditions, but i have never been, so maybe Ethan is the guy you wanna ask.
Why don't you go to Gerlitzen or somewhere where there is a cable car? Or far south like Algodonales?
Im going to Annecy for the whole of April to train hard, the weather can be harsh, but there can also be boomer days to train with loads of spring thermal height and the sivs are running for water safety, if you're from Belgium- do you know of the Belgium pilot that has a place near Planfait in Annecy? I have heard he does cheap and great accommodation, like sleeps 10 and I am desperately trying to get in contact with him!? ;)