Rollover any Do or Dont's?

Hi everyone.

Hope your season has started out good, and that your mojo is good.

In all the tricks, descriptions, books (acrobatics) everywhere I haven't found any good description how to prepare for a (as good as it gets) safest possible Rollover. What preparations should be done, how should the glider be hung down, horseshoe, will it be ok if you just shake it around first, how should you jump, straigt away, not make a rotation (it will happend automatically?) how should your brake setting be when you jump off etc.

If you get a good list of points it might be a idea to put it in the Tricks category? Pál?

Glad to get any inputs from anyone with experience. Please write if you have done one or several rollovers.

Vertical greetings -Luis "Mickey" Fonseca- ;)

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Awesome, thanks

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Thank you very much Michael for pointing me in the right direction, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a "SEARCH" button at our forum here before I was writing this comment.. I know, strange that blind people can fly acro-gliders :(

Lukas when I fly I do it with my senses and eyes open, I do belive that if I need to smoke my socks before flying cause the adrenaline pressure is too big I'd rather find another sport ;) btw I've seen your video several times, it looks really nice. But I'll bet that if you were sober you had your eyes open :P

Just hope I have the nerves to do it when I get the opertunity to try :O
Vertical greetings -Mickey- *0*

"In ACRO it's not the speed that kills you, but the lack of it..."

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hi mickey, the best thing you could do is to count.
you have to fly your glider with closed eyes so you haven´t got to look up to the canopy you have to feel your wing and your risers..
cya lukas