Travel advice for international flights wMy Paragliding Gear?

Im traveling from the US to France then the UK and have never taken my PG Gear with me?

Any suggestions for a first time flyer with all of my GEAR with me?

I dont want security messing with my reserve, or radio's or any of that stuff. Will they charge me extra? Any suggestions or advice you can give me is appreciated!

thanks very much!


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thanks dude,

GREAT tip with the magazine thrown in there!


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Hi Kent.
I've done a bunch of trips between the US and NZ. Never had any issue with my gear. My PG tends to sail right through while my other bags get the questions. If ya want to be extra sure, pack a PG mag in with your stuff.

Check the airline's weight limits. The only time I got dinged for weight was switching to a domestic flight that was a different airline than my international leg.
The international baggage allowances, as one would expect, tend to be more generous than domestic. So switching airlines from international to domestic can get tricky. If it's with the same airlines, they tend to give you the international allowance for the domestic flight as well. Just give 'em a ring when in doubt... they're used to answering questions.