Hey Guys,

Does anybody know something about statistics of the Acroworld?
-how many pilots worldwide (not only competition pilots) - doing a SAT, Helicopter, Wing Over, etc.
-average age of the pilots
-how many (fatal) accidents during training/competition

lookin forward to hear from you
this infos could be pretty important for the difficult situation of all the german acro pilots...

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Phobo -
it's also about some other things - we dont fly in germany anyway -
it's about insurances, supporting for the professionals, etc.
but lets not discuss it hear again - this really has no success :)
thanks for your info - I ll come to south tyrol and visit you - you have any good places to earn some money during the winter time - tandem?

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Yeah Chris! We are only ~6 ACRO pilots in Latvia.
As I know, in Lithuania is only 1 ACRO pilot, but in Estonia 0.
Sorry, If I'm wrong, but this is what I know till now :)

Good luck!

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"open their eyes..."

I recommend http://www.gleitschirmdrachenforum.de/
and especially the threads about safety. After reading some posts you will understand that "opening their eyes" is a endless story. Sometimes I have the impression that it's not only the DHVs fault but also the fault of the pilots itself. There are a lot of people who seam to be pretty happy with the strict regulations. They want any change or if, only new harder regulations.

For the sport it would be definitly a big big pro if Acro would be more supported from the officials.
I hope you can change something in your country.

Hopefully our flying assoc. here in Italy is not so strict ;) they let you do your own thing.

Marvin if you are unhappy with the regulations in Germany you can come flying to Southtyrol. You will have no problems ;)

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in CHILE we have 15 pilots doing acro
good idea marvin!

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Hey Marvin,

oh, i see- I thought they were making life hard for you guys again, but for eye-opening, its a very cool idea and excuse my original "Germanic" comment.

fosure there are not any fatalities in acro other than the couple reported on justacro over the last few years, maybe some basic broken bones like in normal paragliding, but not in any way as dangerous as PWC! or any XC comps for that matter! !!! !! !!!!
Associations would have to be pretty dumb to assume acro as some death defying sport, not now, with all the knowledge, new wings and help from good(pro) pilots.

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in the bavarian flatland(oberpfalz) we are 4 :)

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I think we are at least 10 in Canada to do more than wings overs, but the numberof acro pilots can be bigger, because I only know acro pilots in East of Canada and 2 In West of Canada...

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At least we have something - thanks.

Michal, we just want to show the german federation some statistics - how beautiful the sport is, how many people love it - open their eyes...

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In Latvia there are 5, maybe 6 acro pilots. But then again, the number of pilots is relatively small as well.

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I said it's not accurate :)

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good work Farkas*Lupus)!

dude, there's only about 5 or 6 acro pilots from uk not 68 :P ,
only 2 doing helico!

+ 6 acro pilots from South Africa ( i thought they were all on justacro ) ;)

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Nice point and help from Justacro site
wish all acro pilot a very good landing.
Mauricio Gatinho(Brazil) Acrolearning Pilot.

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This question is tricky. I'm sure a few countries, like France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, etc.. have many acro pilots in the shadow, so the number of pilots can be quite high there, but other countries i think the number of acro pilots are like 1% of the whole paragliding community in the give country. Eg.: in Hungary we have about 10-15 pilots doing acro (more than wingovers), counting Pal and Gabor too :P

At justACRO.com we 3811 registered users. This is not bad, but it is full of pilots who are not real acro pilots, eg.: pilots interested in acro, or just anyone who comes by and registers... even spammers unfortunately.

I tired to make some statistics out of the user base. Tried to filter out the real acro pilots, so made a filter on the "flying acro since" profile field, so those who filled it out, are consider acro pilots in my list. It is still not a perfect list. Here is the beginning of the list:

Country Count
France 126
United States 106
Austria 105
Germany 98
Switzerland 94
United Kingdom 68
Hungary 48
Brazil 48
Turkey 41
Norway 36
Italy 33
Argentina 31
Spain 31
Romania 29
Australia 28
Iran (Islamic Republic Of) 25
Slovenia 24
Poland 23
New Zealand 21

The whole list can be downloaded here:

Hope this helps.

by the way, what's the situation with the Germanz authorities?


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1758 ;)

Hi Marvin

yeah it would be cool to know, it would be a bitch but it's possible!?

" infos could be pretty important for the difficult situation of all the german acro pilots "

whats the situation for German acro pilots?

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difficult, yes.

just would be interesting..

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but dude,
that's like asking how many bmxers or skaters there are. Acro has a lot of pilots in the shadows, the underground, i know some pilots that are really FFFing good but they never post videos or even use the internet! Let alone know what the hell justacro.com is...
+ it's such a ridiculously small sport that an achieved statistic would be pretty inaccurate,
tell zi Germans there is no need to be so Germanic, haha!

could you say why its important for the German situation- what are they doing to y'all now?

The only logical way is to contact each paragliding association to get pilots registered as "acro pilots" that meet the criteria of doing more than just wingovers, like a document that states pilots association,membership number,basic maneuver list, and incidences etc. that would be a bitch... + not including all the un registered pilots that make sweet helicos here and there.