Why does my wing do not enters the SAT

Hi all!
I recently tried to enter SAT with my XC glider (Gin Rebel Race).
The problem is that every time I give the impulse, the wing enterswith the outher (lover) side partially collapsed.
I tried to increase speed and ammount of imput, to pull slighly the outer B riser during entry, to exagerate the weightshift, but had no effect.
Is it possible that my wing simply is not able to SAT or is there anything else I can try?

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Thanks! Will try it out as soon as i can!
By the way, do these wings also need different timing?

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I had the same effect with my Maverick. I suppose it´s a similar problem, because the wings both have a -relatively- great aspect ratio.

Did you read my old post, there are also a few comments on that?

Even if you made nice SATs with other (short) wings, weight shift could nevertheless be the point. It´s simply much easier to do a nice SAT with this short wings with low aspect ratio. I did some SATs during a test flight with a aspen-freestyle... and it was sooooo easy with this little wing.
For your wing, you have to be more precise/accurate with the two points: 1. Timing, 2. weightshift
just try... and try... and try...


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Thanks Pal!

I know the reason you hold the risers: weightshift is not my problem since I had no problems to enter the SAT with other wings (nikita, zulu).
Nevertheless the problem, as you said, might really be the small "SAT window" of this glider. Thus the question which naturally follows is: how do I find it?
I tried after half spiral round and it entered the spin. After one round it entered this ugly deflation. Can it be that one round is still not enough? Or maybe too much?

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If you get a deflation (20-30%) on the outer side in the entry of SAT, it's because you go in to slow.
Not from straight flight to the spiral entry.
But the moment the gliders enters the spiral you must advance/pull harder on the brakes a little bit faster than you do until now.
Pulling outside risers help NOTHING. Pulling it will only give an weightshift effect on the WRONG side.
You are supposed to put your hand on the outside risers just to lean/help you weight shift to the inner side. Do not pull. Actually you do not need to hold the risers at all. This is only to assist and make sure your body do not "fall" out when the g-forced pull you out of the weightshift.

If it spins, you pulled to early. So... look at as many SAT videos as possible, and visualize the moment to pull extra on the brakes.

Some gliders have a very small time window to do the SAT entry. Your glider probably have a very small window. I do not think this model is impossible, but you might do a google search for that.

Pal Hammar Rognoy

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:)) It's fun until you don't get twisted into the risers ;).

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Hehe already entered the spin... It's almost more fun than the SAT itself :D
Anyway, thanks for the comment ! I was hoping that there was a way to "force" the SAT upon this glider..

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Some XC wings are not able to do SAT. It was the same situation with my old Sol Synergy2. Be careful, you can force your glider into a dynamic negative spin trying to enter in SAT with such gliders.