ultralight harness gives... unexpected adrenaline!

See the video an judge by yourself.

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Hi all.
Mybe my post wasn't clear enough: I was talking about ultralite harnesses like the Gin Yeti or alike.
They behave completely differently from the light harnesses you're writing about.

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Antoine montant makes his infinity drop with the new Kortel ''Karver'' and he have no problems for make it ;-), but maybe the harness will break quickly :)

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I do all the trick up to tumble with my light supair altirando. Not a problem.
EXCEPT for this: It is NOT built for this kind of G-forces. Several times it broke in tumbles.
But it is not more difficult for me doing tumble, helico, loops bla bla in this than in an acro harness.
The difference between an acro harness and a lightweight harness is not more than between to different acro harnesses.

So for me it is strange to say that lightweight harness is like "this" and acro harness like "that". Except for the difference in weight and materials for sure.

Therefor! Do your acro using a solid harnesses. Not lightweight harnesses.


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Note that it was much lighter tan a reversable harness (now I also fly a reversable: gin Verso).
Reversables are just fine IF they have a solid board under the seat AND some kind of ABS system.

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I'm flying for a while with a reversible UL harness (from health reasons) and I can say, that I'm not able to do acro tricks clear, as I did with my acro harness. For example, I can't do looping because when I weight-shift after the spiral dive I always get a huge collapse. With my acro harness I did nice loopings without any problems.
So maybe I have to reconsider to buy a new acro harness...
Thanks for the post!