PPG Acro

Is it possible? What can you throw with the engine on your back?

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what I do is use the motor to get up as high as posible until the fuel runs out. then I try some basic acro manouvers with the motor off.

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I supose it is dangerous... exist some videos with Mathieu Rouanet making acro... with a Ozone Viper. Also exist a video with raul rodrigues making some acro with paramotor... but not so radical like in free flight...

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I will try it, it seam to be a solution

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ask Ambrózy Peti or Matyi about the maneuvers.
As far as I know they use the engine's performance to make WO.

Instead of weight shifting they give maximum speed, but just for a few seconds...

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Use two rescue then.

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This weekend I tried PPG acro for the first time :) I did a SAT and it went pretty easy. I only noticed more break pressure, because of the higher load.
Next time I will do fullstall. I also tried wingover, but it's not easy, becaue weight shifting is almost impossible :)

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I'm new to PPG but I would like to do some basic Acro tricks on it.
I've seen some videos of people doing SAT and Looping on PPG. Any of you have experienc with it?

My PPG is a Walkerjet. The hangpoints are low, so I think it can do some tricks, but I have less armspace for sure!