downloading videos

dear all.

congratulations for your exelent web page and for the videos and all the materials that we can download.

the only problem is the speed of the download.. about 40 minutes every video..

some sugestion to improve this situation?


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Many of you have problems playing the tricks videos, which are in divx format. So I'm going to upload all the videos again, to vimeo and change all the links in all the tricks...huhh it's gonna be a job :-)

I'll let you know when it is ready.

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I Have VLC player but the tricks, like wingover video's always want to use DivX t play...... is the video's maybe not on the server anymore?

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Gatinho: before the video was said to be "private", so I couldn't see it, but now it is working and I published it online.

By the way it is so good to see that there are new clips coming in all the time, thanks guys!


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Helloi Pál.
so i send a video from Austria by Vanessa and i send to the web, i don´t know if i make this correct . Let me know how to do it better, the video is on Vimeo.
Best regards.

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I cant view the training DivX videos under tricks..... I have the latest DivX player etc. I can see all other videos except the DivX ones. Any ideas how to get around this problem? The download speeds are fine here in South Africa! ps. normally downloads are very slow here.


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Hi Zoli!

You are absolutely right about the videos, there are no updates at all...

To tell the truth we are now working to re-design the whole justACRO portal, make it more easy to use, included the video section. In the future everybody can upload his own videos in a very simple way! I hope we can start the new site by the beginning of next year!

See you!

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yeah english subtitle would be nice!

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It seams to be a nice movie, you should make the english subtitles also!

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Hi Pal,
I miss very much the videos, and I think I'm not alone...
So, if you have something new don't hesitate to put on the site :)).
I put here a link with our documentary film made in april. The language is in Romanian, but the Hungarian version is in progress. Anyway, the scenes are pretty cool, so everybody can watch it :).

The actors are: Bernd Hornbock, Xandi Meschuh, Michael Nesler, Thomas Ledniczky and myself.
The film was made to popularize the sport in Romania.
Enjoy it!

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The website and the videos are on a hungarian server with connection of 300 Mbit/s. However it is not so bad considering, I know it cannot be the same for everybody from all around the world...
What is your bandwidth and the speed of the video downloads? Anyone else with the same problem?