How many hours per year should acro pilots fly?

Dear all! What's your opinion: how many hours per year should acro pilots fly? Or maybe how many hours of training...? I'm newbie in paragliding but want to progress to higher level as soon as possible ;D

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than more than better, training is key to success BUT acrobatic flying is prohibited ! even with paragliders ! too bad !

i do it as well but if observed by a person and describing the causal reason while invilve din an accident ......................... bloooody bithc

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Last year I flew 243 flights but only got about 63h, this year I competed more and have 160 flights and only 38h. This gives an average of about 15 min of airtime pr. flight. (It's difficult to get airtime when all I do is trying to get down as fast as possible) If I should get more time I'll have to fly more XC and therby gather more time. Since I began training for acro my airtime has gone down but the number of flights has increased.

So in my opinion the question is not how many houres, but how often you fly. The anser to this depends on where you live/fly, but in general the correct ansver is, AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN! Also, if you want to get better fast it is a god ide to fly with better pilots. Also you should partisipate in as many acro and SIV cources as possible. This gives you the oportunity to train in a safe envirionmet. And remember to NEVER try new manouvers whitout a lot of altitude or prefferably over water with a rescue-boat. But the most importante thing is to not rush things. Some manouvres are quite difficult and dangerous and it's required to train a lot on the basics before you try to advance to the heavy stuff.

Fly safe Frode
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