background song - in the canopy

Hi, can anyone tell me what´s the title of the background song used for the video in the canopy"? I like the song.. thanks a lot and always happy landings!!!

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Strong and dynamic MacTwist entry :)
If you made any video, show me, i want to see.
Wenn i fuck sth up and find myself in a helicopter, i'll tell you (in the Cayenne Thread).

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Yes, cayenne is not for helico. I still fly it. It's simple to do coconout spin and it seams to be an easier way to enter helico with the cayenne. During a one month constant training i was only able to do three or four nice helicos. Never from deep stall! The nicest one was from a stong and dynamic MacTwist!
But we should start and other thread!

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No way, not even able to fly helicopter, i'm just wondering how speed for sat is built out of helico.

Do you still fly the cayenne? Have you done Coconut-Spin on it? What do you think is the more difficult helico entry, normal deep stall or sat2helico with the cayenne?
I taught myself fullstall and sat this summer, so helicopter isn't really my problem right now, but i'm interested anyway.
Would be nice if you find a clip.

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I see one a few days ago. If I find it again i'll post it here...
Do you want to try it with the Cayenne? :)

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Hi Lupus
No, actually i'm not searching for a song, i want to see someone flying from helico to sat. I know this isn't really the right thread, but thanks for your reply anyway.

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You mean the Synchro Session video with Sat to Heli Rodeo footage?

It is Dub Pistols, album: Point Blank, track 2, title: Best Got Better :)

I'm happy you like the videos and the music, I helped Pál and Gábor to make these videos...

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I don't know that song. I want know the background used in the video "infinity tumbling",anyone know the title of that song?Thanks