Logo printing on wing

Seeking information regarding best way of printing logo on paragliding wing

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i can translate too, what do u need?

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Hi handerson,
Thanks for your assistance... Yes I have seen the link on the start page and have viewed the webpage in English.

However unfortunately when you click on the "contact form & further information" it takes you to a page that is only in German and it appears can not be viewed in English. Perhaps they are still translating this page.

I will ask my German friend to help extract relevant information.

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at the startpage there is also an english link.
this company is leader in our area and well known in any specifics for gliders.
cheers from heidelberg

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This company looks fantastic, but unfortunately the contact information section is all in german & I can not make sense of it.

Any other similar companies with English info?

Anybody know of a company in Australia?

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Does anyone have any advice or information on the best way to attach a logo to a wing?
For example wings with sponsors logos printed?

Is there a company that does it?