Acro progression

How best for beginner acro pilots to progress from basic moves to harder more technical tricks?

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go for assymetric spiral first, than assymertic SAT;
You will like it.

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Thanks Lupus, coconut spins sound like fun, I look forward to tring them - maybe it'll help me helicopter too. I've never seen anyone do coconut spins before. I'm back in England now so I'll have to wait a while before I try them as I don't get much paragliding done when I'm here.

Yeah, Pal and Gabor seemed approachable - nice guys.

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I'm not at a level to give you proper suggestions, but I try :)
After I learned SAT I quickly moved to Cocomout Spins. It is easy with my wing, and I you can do Spins and SAT then you now all you need to know. It is quite funny manouver. It is also a way to master helciopters (my wing has more chance to enter helicopter from a coconout spin). Read the description and try it over water. You will like it. If Pal or Gabor is still around, just ask them. They are very nice people, and ready to help you!

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Wow, you are lucky to have learnt from Pal and Gabor! I saw them briefly at Oludeniz a few days ago and they were on good form but were exiting tumbles very low! Unfortunately although I spent two weeks there I only flew 8 days due to bad weather :( . Despite doing some good helicopters (luck!) in Oludeniz in May I tried almost every flight in October to do them but never managed them properly, just unstable spins for 1-2 rotations at most. Very frustrating especially as I only fly a few times each year!

I can SAT pretty good - maybe 30-40 times so what progression/variation would you suggest for the SAT? I go in from a mini-wingover and enter quite early (I have spun a few so I know I'm going in almost as quickly as possible).


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I trained over ground, which is ok If you don't make mistakes :) I don't recommend it to anyone, I was lucky, and I had good coaches! :)

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This summer I spent approximately two-three weeks at Ossiacher See in Austria. First ever time did acro above water. It had an amazing effect, but have to admit my progression is slow.
Stalls, Wo and Sat were ok before, but I focused on perfection. Thanks to that, nowdays I rarely worse them.

Asymmetric sat become my favorite, but sometimes the result is pretty bad. I find Looping wery funny, If I have enough height, I don’t miss doing it. Last time in Spain I did it over the ground.

I made an important rule for myself: at regular flights ( I mean if ther is no water below my ass) I don’t do those maneuvers in which I’m not 100% confident.

So the perfection of Helicopter, Coconut spin, Asymmetric sat is postponed to the next season.

When the European lakes be warm enough I will go for MacTwist and Thumbling.

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I'm not a top pilot, but I can tell my prograssion:
I learnt from the best pilots, Pál and Gabor :)
When they staterd to help me I was able to do fullstall, spin and SAT.
First step was Wingover and master my fullstalls to perfection. Then I learnd dynamic fullstall, which is quite easy and fun. As my wingover stated to develop i moved to assymetric spiral. This to manuvers were the most difficult for me. When all this was ok, I tried assym SAT and it went very good even for the first times. The last step was MacTwist, which my favorite currently. It all took about 1 mounth of every day flying, at least for 2 hours/day, but usually it was 4-5 hours of flying!
My glider (skywalk cayenne) is not able to helicopter, which I'm not happy of. But I can do pretty stable spins :) I love to do coconout spins (sat to helico), but it never ends in helcio :) :(

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My question is this:

Can experienced acro pilots recommend a sequence of tricks to learn for begginers and at what level should pilots be able to move on to the next trick in the sequence?

From my basic knowledge of acro I would think maybe something like: Stalls, Spins, Wingovers, SAT, Asymetric Spiral, Loops, Asymetric SAT, Helicopter, McTwist, Misty Flip, Dynamic SAT, Tumbling, Infinity etc.

What sequence did you top pilots learn your tricks?

What were the hardest to master?

What were the scariest and most reserve throws?