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SIV and ACRO courses with Pál and Gábor.

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We will organize an acro course again in Ölüdeniz in May. We don't have the exact dates yet, but it will be 5 days somewhere between 10th and 24th, with the same conditions and prices we made last year (airport transfer from Dalaman, hotel, breakfast, shuttle- and entry fees to Babadag twice per day, instruction and more...). The maximum number of participants will be 10 persons.

Futher details coming soon, if you arer interested or have any questions, suggestions, please drop a message here.

Hope to see you there!
Pál & Gábor

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Hi all!
I just wanna thank to Pal the full-stall and spin course, he held in Hungary. We made Tandem flights with Pal and he showed inflight what to do, and how to do it. We all learned a lot. During the afternoon the cloudbase descended to 200m AGL, making it impossible to continue practising.
Also as closing the day Pal made an infinity with 200m ground clearance. It was spectacular 10 revolution. It wasn't ground actually, it was a concrete runway. I can't really breath seeing the last few revolutions so close to the surface.
I'm looking forward to continuation.

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Sorry for the late answer but I was offline in the last 2 weeks. As written in the description the price includes the accomodation and food also and we will probably organize a shuttle from Sao Paulo International airport, if the people will come from there. Anyway the accomodation will be in apartmans and bungalows on the lakeside and every morning the boats will come right to the place to bring us to the actual take-off site which will be used on that day.

See you!

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hi,im interested in the siv/acro course you are running.does the price include accom,transfers ect.

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Some news:

Date: 7 days, from 23rd January till 1st March

Location: At Piracaia Dam in São Paulo state, close to Atibaia city, only 70 km from the Guarulhos International Airport. This time of the year at this area the weather is already very nice.

- We will tell you all the secrets you wanted to know
- Towing on a big lake, with take-off points to different wind directions.
- Average altitude 800-900 meter above clear, fresh water
- Unlimited towing
- Rescue boat and life jackets provided
- Individually optimized instruction
- Video analizing
- Accomodation
- Food

Spoken languages:

- English
- French
- Portugese
- Spanish
- Russian
- Hungarian

(Instructors and traslators: Pál Takáts, Gábor Kézi, Fabio Baretto Fava, Sander Koyfman)

Price: 800 EUR, everything included for 7 days.

We already bough our tickets to Sao Paulo, with Delta Airlines it costed 1050 $ from Budapest (stop in New York), I think it`s not so bad.

If there are any further news I let you know.

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Hi Pál

Yes, it would have been Örs that I met in Montenegro (apologies to him for my spelling). He and his Bitch were tearing up the sky. He spoke very highly of you and he bought us all a beer - a nice guy as well as a top pilot.

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We are fixing the details in these days, I will let you know as soon as possible!

That's for sure the course will be longer than usual (6-7 days), because we really want to make all the pilots satisfied by the things they learn.
It will take place on a lake where everybody can make as much towing as possible.

Further information soon!

By the way, I guess you meet with Örs in Montenegro?! I think he told me about it. He is my very good friend, hopefully in a few weeks I can meet with him and do some crazy stuff in the air together :-)

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Hi Pal,

Any idea of dates and duration? It's a long way to go for a few flights.

Martin Cowley

PS: this is my first post on your site, though I've been following it for a while. You're the only acro pilot whose progress I've been able to observe in this way and I am sooooo impressed.

Also, I bumped into a protegée of yours (Ursh - pardon my spelling) in Montenegro. Hell, even your protegées are gods to me! You and Gábor kick ass!

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Keep us posted... I am interested but can't commit to it yet.

Jason Andrews

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Gábor and me are organizing an acro course in Brasil in the beginning of next year. All pilots are welcome, who want to do the first Full Stall or improve their acro skill to higher levels.

We have to know how many pilots would like to join the course. If you are interested, please drop a message here, so we can fix the date and other details!

Hope to see you,
Pál & Gábor