Which tandem glider do you prefer?

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what do you think about the nova jamboo?


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full stall, big collapses left/right, deep stall, negative, deep spiral

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Hi Andi! Which manouvers did you try? Thx

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flown the TWICE in winter a few times -> without thermal conditions !

- very nice look
- easy to start
- very safe
- smooth for easy turns
- did no acro
.... nice glider !


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Did anyone fly with the Icaro Twice? How is that tandem?

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Hi guys !

What about the Ozone Magnum ? Did somebody try it for acro ? Who could give me his opinion ?


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Hi Guys,

I just heard the Niviuk tandem will officially be available from 8th January 07. Initially with a 42m2 glider with a 130-220kg weight range, then with a 38m2 with a 110-190kg weight range a little later.

Anyone interested in trying a bit of tandem acro should definately give these a try given the performance of the other gliders in the range. Orders can be placed with your local importers/dealers for those who are really keen :)

Hopefully the F-Gravity should not be too far behind this. I hear the whole team just returned from photo shoots in Morocco last week.


See my disclaimer in the intial post below.

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I tried several tandems in the last years, also for acro. I tried only SAT, Wing-Over and Helico maneouvers with them. Of course all the tandems can make sat, the bigger diference you can find in the rest of the tricks.

Aerodyne Cherokee: this I liked the most, really easy brakes (easy to stall), and sweet handling, nice dynamics and shooting tendency, perfect for acro. I think would be not too hard to make asymmetric sat and some other stuff as well. But as Örs mentioned, there can be something wrong...

Nova Phor2: this glider was a pleasant surprise for me. Also quite dynamic, pretty nice handling, not so heavy on the brake, easy to stall, very good for helico and also for Wing-Over.

Independence Speed: great wing-overs, perfect helicopters and nicely controllable stall, but the brake is a bit heavier than the Phor2 and the Cherokee.

So, these I liked the most, let's see the rest:

U-Turn U2: Very nice for Wing-Over and dynamic things I even did some Loops with it, from asymmetric spiral, but of course not so high. But it's very difficult for full stall and helicopter. The glider doesn't have stable deep stall position, the tips always goes behind and touch each other on the back. Very hard to get it into helico, i could only manage once.

Skywalk Joint: This glider has Jet Flaps, so you can imagine...super hard to stall and has the same problem as the U2 (tips goes to the back), but after you stabilize the glider it's still easier to get it into Helico. Wingover and other things doesn't work good.

APCO Play42: Better for Wing-Over (but still not so good than the first 3) and possible for helico, but same problem as the U2 and Joint while stalling.

SOL Kangaroo: I never tried stall maneuvers with it, but for Wing-Over it doesn't work good, the outside half of the wing needs lot's of brake to keep it open during the turns.

By the way, one time I flew tandem with Gábor's 20m2 G-Force in Ölüdeniz. That was a really hot one...!!! :-)))

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I'd have a serious look at the new Niviuk tandem glider that is coming out soon if I was you.
A mate in Switzerland was flying the tandem proto for a few days a couple of months back.
He reckons it was the most agile tandem he'd ever flown. Said he did the biggest wingovers he's ever done on a tandem very easily. He is not an big acro pilot but has been flying for about 15 years. Said the handling and performance were outstanding. From memory he said it felt like the handling of 2...with the safety of a 1-2.
That was on the proto...I imagine the finished version will be even better are all the tweaking and tuning since then.

Disclaimer: Both myself in Oz and my friend in Switzerland are distributors of Niviuk gliders - so are naturally biased towards Niviuk :)
But either way, he was still raving about how agile the glider was after he'd tryed it.


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Hi guys! Me and some friends (acro fanatics:)) ) are disgussing about to buy a tandem glider. We would like if the glider would be a good manouverable, easy to handle (start), and able to do acro as well. Which glider do you prefer? Which size and so on? I've had a Cherokee before but it ripped by the 15. take off (it was brand new)....