smoke-bomb - where to buy

where to buy smoke-bombs for video-action ??? (austria, germany)

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Try asking for expired stock! they still work good :)and much cheaper, even free!!!
i have pics of my leg mount, how do i up load them onto this topic?

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Smoke a joint or a cigar while you are flying :) Ok, just kidding!

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thanx for you infos ... found several marine shops where to buy smoke bombs. for a 4min smoketime the average prize is about 25€ .. that's quite much just for recording just-acro movies :)

- how about to build up your own smokebomb ?
- cheaper way for getting smoke ?

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Hay Guys, try a marine or boat shop. the smoke we use (orange) is for boats in Destress. I will take a couple of pics of my leg mount, they are real easy to make

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hey andy, did you already find out anything??
im interested in buying smokebombs to, so if anybody has good information it would be kind to tell the rest of us.

thx in advance

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Andy: share the information with us, if Tomas or someone else was able to help you! Thanks

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Hi You want buy smoke-bombs tallk with Tomas Lednik is from Czech,Skydivers and Test Pilot From Sky Paragliders here you find the e-mail:

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- does anybody know where to buy good smoke-bombs (austria, germany) ?
- what are the possible problems (burn harness, ...) ?
- where is the best place to mount it on harness, legs, .. ?
- ...