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Tenereife and Madeira should work this time of the year! I've been in Tenerife in January 3 years ago and we flew 5 days out of 6. At that time I just started acro, and actually I remember that the landscape is pretty rough, only rocks and cactus everywhere, but you can practice maneuvers which you have confident with. In Madeira there is maybe the world's 2nd highest coastal cliff, or something like this, should be perfect for playing. Check out the description in the Startplaces, and the film about it (by Michael Knipping) in the videos.

Let us know your final destination!

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Check Madeira (see it in startplaces) or Makarska in Croatia. Both places should work this time.

South of Spain I think also good, around Alicante you'll find some take offs, where you can climb high above the ground. El Morro de Toix is a nice rock on the seaside, pretty high and would be ideal for practiceing above water, but the conditions are barely good.

At the end, there is Ölüdeniz in Türkiye....

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I would think spain, portugal, or some place around those places...

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im looking for a place close to europe, for a one week holiday to train acro.
what´s the best place für end february- march

greetz from rainy germany