Independence Dragon III weight loading?

Has anyone some experiense of flying acro with that wing? then what size, and how mutch did you load it?

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Don't forget that just 5-6 years go, we where all flying the world cup with 24m2 gliders. I did my first tumbles only 5 kg overweight in the Aspen24.

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Hey mate, Ive flowen a small Dragon3
does lovely helis loaded up, but be ready for the surge forward with the long brake travel on 1-2 gliders. I flew the dragon 90kg's 95kg's.
Currently flying Independence duke, love it!!

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Thank you lupus, so maybe i should go for xs :)

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That is absolutely not much. If you want to do acro, than it is the minimum, to overload your glider. +5kg will not even effect the performance of the glider.

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Is it to much to load a small dragon wing with weight range of 60-80kg with 85kg of total weight?