D-BAG drop from Paraplan

I would like to jump from the paraplan. Can anyone could give me some tips, advise, what I should watch out, what are any other dangers etc. Iv seen the movie on the Apco webiste how Pal is jumping :)

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Hi Pal,

Iv seen the jumps from the hangglider trikes (ozone boys did that) but never from a paraplan before. I have possibility to jump many times from paraplans here in my country, and I was just wondering what is the difference between hot air ballon and paraplan etc. (canopy openning) also how do You connect the D-Bag to the paraplan? I think on the video when You are taking Your hands off from the pipes You are entering the free fall ? I dont know because the video is cut... When you finish the article about Your expirience, just give me a sign to Fly or Die if You can. Im really interested about it.

Cya soon I hope !

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We did about 12 jumps all together from Paraplan in Izrael. I'm going to write our experiences and upload some pictures about it, when I have a bit more time. Do you know about anyone who jumped from Paraplan (Powerwing / Buckeye) before? Maybe these were the first ones!? We know saw drops from Hangglider Trikes.


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Hi, really fantastic video,somebody know the title of the soundtrack?Thank you