acro flying in Chile

Hi all. Me and some norwegian pilots are planning some weeks in Chile and want some advice about this region. Where are the best places and where should we stay??

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the info. i get for flying there in feb.
from a lokal paraschool.
"You can fly in iquique the whole year round ! The best best months for specially for long distance flights are from mid october to the end of january, but for acro its alwas "good"!"

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Question for you guys in Iquique -

I heard from someone who does tours there every year that February is the worst time to go. In an email I got from him in November he said,

"Sorry to break the news to you but febuary is the worst time of the year to fly in iquique. They call it the bolivian winter season when the wind is strong from the south and creates a huge rotor area in the city of iquique for 20 or so days. sometimes this happens early in jan, sometimes it is later. You can still fly, but it is shitty compared to what is like when it is good here. Now is the best time to practice and by january we will all leave iquique. Raul R., Horacio Lorens, and a bunch of other spanish pilots have been passing through the last few weeks. There are still about 5-6 acro pilots here practicing now, and a few more are coming in the next weeks, but if i was you i would try and plan a trip in nov/dec and not in jan, unless you don't have anything else to do. Palo buque is still good for playing around in the sand then, you just don't have as many good days to climb and go through the rounds.

Anyway, you will have fun. Jan is peak summer season and you fly in shorts!"

I'm coming from the US and would love to come out and practice, but I think the best part of the season has passed.

So how is it really in Jan & Feb?

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Palo Buque is the best place in Chile to practice Acro.
In Santiago We can fly over the city In a place call Pirámide. great place to fly and also very good to practice acro.

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Hi Guys firts of all let me say that this site is very nice ...wel I`m from Iquique Chile and I want to talk about this region here in this part of chile like a lots pilot say is the best place in chile for to fly... becuase here the weather is perfect so is possible to fly all the year .Normally many pilot for diferents parts of the world come to here and stay much time for fly ,here we have a cost with all most 200 kilometers of hills , where is possible to fly close to the pacific ocean... normally the people that like Acro come here for fly in my personal opinion in the best place for parctice acro in chile Palo Buque , very famous place arround the world by the conditions that there is , is the mix of dinamic and thermic our conditions here for fly .and you take of allmost in the ground and you can go until 1000 or 1100 mts above sea level , and then you can start your acrobatics show .Now in this time of the year october until february is the best season for fly very goods conditions everyday and all the day...Normally we flight in the morning in the city and landing on the beach (balneraios) you can croos all the city and the Views are very ...well this some taht can to tell about my spot of fight...also we ofert here ,acomodations transport and we are guides here also, in one of the best hostel in iquique very nice ambient and close to cavancha beach the oficcial landing area in Iquique Chile...

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