young fresh blood

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gracias gracias amigos...yes of course i remeber u, charly...say hello to skok....and the others

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hy marvin...

you know who i am???

i'm the guy with the gin gangster and the old vw-t3 from gerlitzen this summer...
but now i have a burn and an old vw-t3 :-)

you know???

nice homepage and really nice video guy's...

hope to see you soon...

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hi marvin!

you know kössen right?
would be cool to meet you guys there some time. and get something rocking :)

and nice video by the way!!! respect!!

see you

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hey Gabor...
cheers man...yea i hope we ll meet yoou next season...
seeYa then..

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Hey Marvin,

Congrats for the movie, first one is a nice one! Nice to see new upcoming teams. Keep up the good work and the energy!


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hey Gabor, hey Pal...hello together,
i dont know if you remember me, we met in st. hilaire this year, the young tall guy...marvin...
we established a new acro team :::
now we are a crew of three 18 years old guys who are having heaps of fun together....and we made our first will be on our page in high quality pretty soon...
so watch that sh1t and tell me how do you guys think about tha 1st video...:::
((you ve to copy the link...dont know why!!!)))