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Hi again Charly / Dominik,

I've given you your well deserved 5star, and also sendt you mail on your gmx and hotmail adress. Yes please check the data on the lens, I would REALLY appreciate it. I need the lens issue fixed before we go to Iquique in Februar.

Vertical greetings -Mickey Mouse- ;)

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5 stars ... Done :)

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@mickey mouse: sorry, i don't know anithing about this wide angle lens because it's not mine.
but if you want, i can ask the owner of the cam about some informations.

now to the video...

when you klick on the link you can see the video, and under the video there are 5 stars
you have to klick on the 5th star if you think the video is great...

i hope you know what i mean...:-)

lg, charly

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Hi Dominik,

Great film, nice angles and variations. Would you please tell me the data on the wide angle lens you used for your leg cam filmed in the video?
Please tell me how to give you a 5-starer :)

Vertical greetings -Mickey-

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Nice maneuvers, nice filming, nice design.
Congratulations guys!

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That was super! Congratulations!