D-Bag regulations wanted!

Fighting with authorities for legality...

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Hi all. I am having similar struggles in South Africa getting D-ag paraglider drops regulated. The authorities keep saying it falls under "skydiving" when you jump from any aircraft and therefor can only be done with skydive equipment.
I would highly appreciate any input or how dbag drops are currently regulated elsewhere? Since we all fall under the FAI i am hoping to just piggyback from regulations in other countries where dbag paraglider drops are legal.


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Did you ever find regulations or procedures covering D-bagging?

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Hi Gabor,

the documents are in the NZHGPA OPM (operations, procedures manule)it was CAAs request that Dbagging be put in the OPM as a start place. I will dig up the files and hopfully the old emails made when i was sorting it with CAA.


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Hi Gabor,

Example in Romania mast have the Manual for module paking in D-bag and also mast writing expalin haw you exist from: Ballon ,Microlite, Helicopter. Here need for Romania Airclub, this is in case want jump in some show organise from Aeroclub.
Another problem is : You mast finde some privat Company Helicopter, the Chif go with the Operator licence to Hungaria Outority and ask give the this company licens for Skydiving and paragliding, also mast have this Privat company yours Paragliding licens.
This is all, I speak with the pilot from last yer and hi tell me this.

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Hi Aidan,

Can you get these documents from the New Zealand civil authorities in electronic format and send us?
What is OPM manuel?
Thx, Gabor

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Hi Pal, Here in New Zealand we had to clear it through CAA (civil avaition authorty) by having it added into the OPMs manule. we had to have Dbags reconised as a start place for paragliding (ie as a take off) it is worded something like:
Dbagging can be used as a start place for PG3 (advanced pilots) be it from a Paraglider/hang glider, bridge, micro lite/para trike, helicopter, as a start place for paragliding flight.
we have been dbagging under this since 2004

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Hi all!

I write because we need some help. Since 2 years we are fighting with the Hungarian Airspace Federation trying to make D-Bag juming legal in Hungary. Unfortunately we found ourself in front of many basics problems so it takes a lot of effort and some time to solve it. For example it seems like there's no other way but change the law, because acro flying is such a new sport that there's nothing regulated about it, so it means if we jump out of an airplane, we are sky-divers, not paragliders, etc...
We are looking for any regulation, rules or other documentation from other countries where something exists about D-bagging in the aeronautical law.
This would help us, because we could show to the authorities that it works for example in another EU country, so maybe they would also take it more easy.
Please tell us, how it works in your country?

Thanks for any info!