Not real acro .. but fun at least !

Hello everybody , i just introduce myself, I'm a lambda paraglider pilot but I'm building rc paragliders or paramotors to try every tricks I'm to chicken to try in real =D
I greatly enjoy design , and sew mini-acro wings inspired of the real ones . I'm now trying to do some tumbling, and then maybe someday infinity will come ! (I have already done a shitty and ugly tumbling but it still a kind of tumbling ;D) And it is possible to do every thing you do in real : Mystiflip , mac twist , Sat , helico ,fullstall , ...
But it still a long way to a perfect wing for acro flying because when you're almost alone to build your own prototype it is very hard to perform the wings because build a glider even a small one is very difficult and very long . I have a little video , nothing incredible , but just for fun =)
I'm very happy to join this forum because there is a lot of info's about acro wings and manoeuvers and a lot of amazing videos !!