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Dear pilots

it is almost 2 years that i flying with paraglider and my current wing is Icaro incanto

icaro recommanded this wing for XC and i am happy with this wing but i think it is not sutable for acro and i want to start acro . would you please guide me to choose sutable and safe wing for beginner acro , some of pilots in iran told me that rolling RR is good for you and some pilots told me octane FLX ozone is better than that one . so please help me to choose good wing and if you have any information about incanto and safety please help me.

thanks every one and i hope all the pilots have safe and fun fly for ever

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I did some flights with the new U-Turn Free Force 3/ 22 EN C. Full stall, SAT and Helico are pretty easy. a wing for freestyle beginners, verry verry save! it feels like a 1-2, . the glide is......not to bad.
Have fun, happy landings, andy

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First, it's important to be safe, being afraid of you're wing will make you learn acro slower and without confidence. A wing like Icaro Incanto is ideal to learn the basics manoeuvres full stall, spin, wing overs, looping, sat, dynamic sat, asym spiral and even helicos.
Has HolzingerM says, the best thing to do is trying different wings and making your own opinion about it.
a 22-21sqm wing is ideal to start acro and nowadays, all the new freestyle wings are pretty nice to fly!
Acro is a game, the longer you play the better it becomes!!

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You definitely gotta test the new Gradient Freestyle 2.
In my opinion it's the best freestyler veil on the market right now

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I think you no need a freestyle glider right now...I fly with a ozone buzz Z S (1-2) my naked height is 70 Kg more 15Kg from harnesses(Slider Acro) and rescue 85 Kg the max height of this glider(65-85)...I start learn stall control it's a massive training you need to control your movements to be symmetrical every moment and you need learn how to no have i learned full stalls and start to do Tail Slide and deep Stall i working it to do HELICO and Dynamic first acro trick on this wing is a SAT to right now i know how full work and start to make to the left more safely...Training both side for all it's very important for thermal, to spirals maybe to take off...speaking about take off ground handling is cool and help you to know how your wing fly...I learned all this flying above the ground studing seen videos and talk with another acro pilots...500 meters for landing 1000 meters for acro that is the rule...don't do acro to show for another pilots do because you like, for acro shows see Pál, Horacio, Tim, Brothers Rodriguez...I think you need to start with the basic and for this every wing is good (maybe skywalk no because don't stall! Jet Flap i don't like it) and change for freestyle wing when you want to learn rithmic manouvers and high level stall manouvers!

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I started with the OZONE OCTANE FLX 22
and this is a very safe and worthy wing!

but the decision lies by you....


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Regarding Octane flx Ozone told me there is no replacement planned for the moment, maybe for 2012.
Niviuk F Gravity2 should come soon.
Flying Planet Mystic (2?) or at least a new 20 m2 size soon too.
I'm in a similar situation and am sold on the Octane FLX. Even if it is not so new, you can be sure it is good as there is a lot of feedback on it. Other just have to trust the manufacturer, you can't be sure how suitable for learning it is. The Aspen Freestyle for exemple was not for acro beginners. The 2 is said to be tamer but it is just word of mouth.

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here are some information for you already mentioned:

As I said there, I'm in an similar situation.
Started paragliding in autum 2009 and got my license last october.
A month ago I attend a S.I.V. in italy (lago di garda) and after that i knew that I have to start flying freestyle :-)

At first i bougt a harness to store 2 rescues.
2 days ago I assembled my 2nd rescue (rogallo) and also a rescue suit for training over water is on the way.

Is soon as possible I will start testing some gliders. (Fullstall, Wingover, FlyBack,..) to get a feeling of what I prefer on wing handling.

her a small list of gliders which also suitable for (freestyle) beginners:

RR Acrowings Rolling (new wing is planned for next year == rumours)
Ozone Octane FLX (new wing is planned for next year == rumours)
Icaro Instinct 2 Acro
Gradient Freestyle 2 (this wing should also be a good beginner wing like my friend told me)
Gin Gangster (really old wing)
U-Turn Freeforce 3 (new wing which isn't anounced on there website but can be bougt already)

I havn't tested one of the wings but I will defenetly test my 2 or 3 favourites.
Rolling, Freestyle and maybe Instinct 2 Acro

So by the way this is only a list of different wings for you, but the desicion is yours.
Test a few wings is the best way to see what you prefer.

All the gliders have pro/cons. its up to you.