end of acro competition?

hey guys,
i got the latest "dhv-news" where i found this:

"Suspension of Certification – Competition Class Paragliders
Due to recent incidents at the 12th FAI Paragliding World Championship in Piedrahita, Spain
the CIVL Bureau has temporarily suspended the certification of Competition Class
Paragliders with immediate effect.
This suspension means that paragliders classified as Competition Class under Rule
of Section 7B of the FAI Sporting Code are not permitted to fly in FAI Category 1
championships for the period of the suspension.
Organisers of FAI Category 2 events are also strongly advised to consider whether
Competition Class paragliders should be permitted to compete in events with racing tasks for
the period of the suspension.
08 July 2011 John Aldridge CIVL President."

is this only for xc competition or also relevant for acro competition? anybody knows something about? how you want to fly competition acro with classified wings?
sorry if this english sucks :)


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I wasn't aware that you needed CIVIL for an acro comp anyway.

So yeah, non issue.

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Thanks Janek.

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Hi, it is only related to uncertified two liner wings like Mantra R11 Icepeak 5 etc. which want take place in FAI PWC. XC comps, so there is no impact to our discipline.
For acro comp, wings have to pass safety check by event organizer and pass the load test by manufacturer too. Correct me if I am wrong.
Fly safe and do not worry too much


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This discussion is useless in my opinion..