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Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of getting d-bagging approved within Australia. This is mainly so we can d-bag from helicopters at air shows. This is all so new to our federation they didn't even know what a d-bag was until a few weeks ago.

If anybody has any information that may be relevant to this that I can show my federation I would really appreciate it.

The kind of thing they are after is d-bagging operation guidelines, helicopter drop guidelines, d-bag packing methods and alike.

I really appreciate any help anybody can provide!!!


Michael Bass

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Does anyone know if anything officially got through the HGFA??

If not what was there reasons??

I would like to work towards getting this legal in Australia in the future

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D-bagging has been done several times in Australia. In Byron bay Andrew Polidano did several drops from paramotor and balloon.

I did a drop in Western Australia from a Dragonfly plane as well:


I hope you have better luck with getting this through the federation. I found the federation very conservative.


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Hi Michael :)
I'm only writing this here so others who search d-bag info on the forum find this.
Not so far away from you, you have your NZ acro brethren- I believe - they went through these regulations and don't know if they were successful or not, something to do with a 'drop zone' etc, similar problems in the uk.
Contact Pål Hammar Rognøy, our captian Dbag master who is very friendly and knows all the ins and outs of packing and regulation in Sweden and Norway ;)
Here;'s his vid "drop myself and i "