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Drew McNabb, flight history:
• Learned: summer of 91’
• Years flying: 20
• Rating: T-3 (Tandem Instructor)
• USHGPA # : 58964
• Number of flights: 9-10,000
• Sights flown:

Tiger Mt, Issaquah Wa
Crystal Mt, Wa
Chelan Butte, Lk Chelan Wa
Blanchard Mt, Mt Vernon Wa
Saddle Mt, Mattawah, Wa
Ft.Ebey, San Juan Isl. Wa
Grouse Mt, Vancouver BC
Bald Mt, Sun Valley Id
Oceanside, Oceanside Or
Point of the Mt, Sandy Utah
Torrey Pines, San Diego Ca
Badgastein, Austria
Cecil Peak, Queenstown NZ
Coronet Peak, Queenstown NZ
Crown Terrace, Queenstown NZ
Treble Cone, Wanaka NZ
Shakespeare Bay, Picton NZ
Remarkables, Queenstown NZ
Kingston NZ

• Tow Launch Flying

Lk Sammamish St Park, Issaquah Wa
Chelan flats, Lk Chelan Wa
Seward Park, Seattle Wa
Salt Flats, Salt Lake City Utah
Lk Chelan, Chelan Wa
Sand Point, Seattle Wa

• Acrobatic Competitions:
03’ Seattle Aerobattle, Issaquah Wa
04’ Seattle Aerobattle, Issaquah Wa
07’ Salt water Classic, Picton NZ
07’ New Zealand Air Games, Glenorchy NZ
07’ Acrofest, Queenstown/ Kingston NZ
08’ Acrofest, Queenstown/ Kingston NZ
09’ Acrofest, Queenstown/ Kingston NZ

• Commercial Tandem Employment:
May-Oct, 99’,00’,01’,02’,03’, 04’,05’, 08’, 09’-Present: Seattle Paragliding, ParaglideWashington
May-Oct, 06’/07’, 07’/08’ , First Flight Paragliding. Grouse Mt Vancouver BC
Oct-May, 06’-07’: Extreme Air, Queenstown NZ
Oct-May, 07’-08’: G Force Paragliding, Elevation Paragliding
Oct-May, 08’-09: Queenstown Hangliding and Paragliding, Elevation Paragliding

• References:
Marc Chirico, Seattle Paragliding 206-387-3477
Bob Hannah, Paraglide Washington 206-679-1002
Chris Santacroce’, Superfly 801-255-9595
Nic Peterson, Superfly 612-747-0012