2k12 Thriller - brake line length adjustment

Dear experts,
can anybody share their experience about thriller brake length?

My experience is as follows:
Currently I'm 66kg nacked and I'm flying Thriller 2k12 size 18. (~4,5 stress load)
I practice ritmic sat to infinite tumblings.
So it was initially very complicated to work with the brake lines standard length. Which was performed by default from U-turn.

So I've reduced it 15cm. It's more convenient to do ritmic, but some problem I had with fast heli manoeuvres.

Yesterday I've made it with 5 cm longer. (10 cm less than initial, default brake lenght), now it is good for heli, sat-heli etc. and It quit acceptable for tumblings as well..

Pilots who do infinite tumbling, could you advise if my wingload is acceptable for this manoeuvre or it's bit complicated?

Have a perfect safety acro flying,

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I started to do Infinity on an Emilie 19 (4,522 stress load) and it worked very well. However it is easier on a smaller wing (I fly now several 17 sqm veils), because you don't need that much correction.
A friend of mine is doing Infinity on bigger wings. It depends on your technique ;)

Additional: The length of brakes is not that important, unless other manouvers work. It is important you figure out which length feels comfortable to you.