Acro for real "strong" persons?

Hey guys!!

I really have a problem... Maybe someone of you can help me.

I slowly want to start flying acro but the problem is that my naked weight is 135 kg.

So its difficult for me to find a glider which is not to "hot" for me. I am flying since 2008 and my actuell glider is a UP Kantega 2. Its a very comfortable glider, i did a SIV that year and it was great. But for starting acro i want to fly something new.

Has anybody of you a sollution for me? That would be great.

Thank you for all your help!

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Hi, my naked is 100kg and i'm flying with octan flx 22. It's working even with thermaling for me.
So you can use octan flx 25. it's good glider for learling acro.
regards artur

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Hei Chris,

just give it a shot, see if you can handle a 26sqm Trhiller over a lake :-)

I would not worry too much, the are other factors, e.g. air drag, that make choosing the correct wing size less linear than the wing load centered discussion suggests.

Have fun!

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Actually your wingload would be really high with all the glider you could take ;)

If you fly the thriller 2k11 26sqm you would be something like 5,7 wingload wich is the same than me on my 17 (97 take off weight) in my opinion I consider that this wing load is too high to start acro properly, me with a 17 I have fast reaction and I can't do the mistake a beginner would do. And of course the flying performance of the glider are very bad as well with this wing load as well as the brake pressure wich will be high,

but if you fly the tandem thriller (31sqm or 33 ?? I can't remember) then you have wing load of 4,7 wich is me flying with a 22 sqm nearly, and then to start acro it is cool, but I am not sure u-turn is selling this tandem ;)

But if you can have one, this would be the perfect glider for your weight, if the tandem thriller is exactly the same (safe) glider than the normal thriller of course! :) you can also try to start ''freestyle'' with a normal wing like a 28 normal glider or a 30 normal glider, where you will learn everything and then switch to a 26, I don't think going under 24 with your weight is a good idea even if you are very skilled mostly because of the glider's resistance :)

Hope you'll find something because acro is fun and every pilot interested in it should have the possibility to try :)

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Try different wings and find out, what you feel comfortable with. If I consider your starting weight somewhere around 150 kg, the stresslevel/m2 on a 23 m2 veil is 6.5, which actually is higher than most of us are flying with. In fact it depends on your skills.

In general, a good friend of mine weights naked 115 kg, and he is now flying a 19 sqm veil.
Remember: There is no limit, except the ground ;)

Anyway: let us know, wheather you start Acro or not :)

Happy landings