how long?

so! how long did you fly until started freestyle/acro?
there isn't many new topics on, so..

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after my paragliding course, I flew almost everyday. I started gradually performing deep spiral. After that wingover and I went on. After 6 months I was able to do Deep spiral, wingover, sat, asymmetric spiral, looping and asymmetric sat. Then I've done a siv course. I learned the fullstall. Now I'm learning parachutal for helico.

I agree with simon2, firstly you need to be relaxed while flying. You need to feel relaxed in each istant of the flight. Everything: takeoff and landing must be automatic for you. You need to know when stop manouvres.

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i flew around 2 years. then i startet with wingovers, asym spirals, groundspirals and wagas. after 4years of flying i startet to do acro!

but i think the years of flying do not really care. if you fly a lot (really a lot - like every day) you are for sure able to start acro after 1 year.

but in my opinion you should learn at first all the basics! like all the trakeofftechnics, thermalling, soaring, landing, FLYING WITH OPEN EYES (that you can fly and concentrate on something elese without crashing ;))

if you manage all this you can start acro.

i write this, because there are so many acropilots who even cant start their gliders or forget to watch the altitute during the maneuvers and crash...

so, all the best for your acrocareer.