d-bag drop from a paramotor,anyone?

have any of you d-bagged from a paramotor? whats the correct way of connecting the d-bag to the pmotor? any info would great.


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hey brad

know this isnt the right place, but i can't find your email. i'm interested in your harness. my email is mo3.2@web.de

happy new year everyone


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Mendo did it in Australia,,the video is even on youtube.
also-Adam from the Southern Club(brighton) has done two attempts
but had engine problems....

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I think we have found away!Done a test on the ground and it works fine.We will be using a bailey 330 tandem paramotor setup,We will hang the d-bag right up the front of the tandem bar and i will be connected just behind using a Y bridle with a quick out.Just need some decent weather now and we can go for it.sh-ty english weather!


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The Green Twins tried to D-Bag from paramotors at the Homewgrown festival in Wales, one of them couldnt make it to the display area because they couldnt climb with the drag but one made it over and all went pretty smooth.

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That's not exactly right - we jumped from an ultralight paramotor trike, but not a paramotor, actually we never did that yet. Would be nice to hear some reviews anyway :-)


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I think freestylebraduk means a "real" paramotor. Pal and Gabor did D-Bags from a trike, didn't they?
I've never seen a d-bag from a paramotor, yet but Alex and some guys from Ossiacher See want to try it pretty soon!


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Pal and Gabor had done it. You can see this in the Flying the Holy Land DVD, or you can find some of there video on the APCO website.