the decision FF3, freestyle2 or apus

Hello friends, I have 4 years flying and would like to start flying acro, but I'm not sure paragliding buy, freeforce3 freestyle2 or apus (swing) my weight is 58 kg, can you help?

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Try the freestyle2 and try to fly an AirG Sophie! i did fly both and i like the Sophie more. In my opinion the Freestyle2 is more difficult to fly, without any advantage over the Sophie.
FF3: I know 2 guys which have/had one and are buing a Sophie now.
As Simon already said: The Apus is not made for acro, its a dynamic Miniwing which is fun for wingovers/loops etc. but i guess pretty difficult to Stall.

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You might try the Instinct2 acro as well. Its a wonderfull wing, it auto-sat, is very very easy to stall and doesn't shoot much if you mess up trying negative manovres or helico.

It goes up easily in thermals, take off is easy as well as landing. Is probably not aggressive as the freestyle2, but its dynamic enoguh to have lots of fun.

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you need to try it. Each brand will tell you that "this wing is's better for helico, sat,etc..." is better to try the wing.

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I had a FF3 in 26m. It was not a funny wing. Freestyle 2 is a very good wing.

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ok. thanks in page u-turn, says that the wing is safer for some maneuvers by its AFS how true is it? Which one is more aggressive? and which is safer? free force3 or freestyle2?

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freestyle2 is the best i think. the apus is not really suited for acro and too aggressive to start acro.

the freeforce3 - im not really sure. didnt saw a lot of this wing.