Rescue Throw Technique

Hi everyone,

after doing some simulated throws of my two reserves in the simulator and one in real life, I am still puzzled about three things:

1) In a SAT like autorotation, which is best: Throw your rescue backwards and downward (as the DHV suggests) or backwards and upwards (as some well known acro guys suggest)?

2) Do you pull out your rescue in one fluid motion or in two steps (1. pull out of harness, 2. actual throw)?

3) Regarding dual rescues with 2nd rescue on your back (e.g. Supair Acro 3): Its fairly "easy" to throw the first rescue under the seat with enough strength in the desired direction, whereas I find hit almost impossible to do so with the second rescue (fairy long rescue attachment, not able to really throw it in one fluid motion, 2 step approach feels awkward to me).

Let me know what you think, real life experience preferred ;-)



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Theo, thanks as well for your thoughts!

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Thanks Theo for sharing with your experience.

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Hi Bastian,

1) In my opinion throwing your rescue backwards and upwards is the best option here :) My own experience shows me that it is working, I saw a lot of rescue because I spent a lot of time in organyà and this technic (in sat) looks like the best one. And then when you think about it a bit in sat you are not going down pretty fast and the rotation is not that fast neither and so if you throw it downwards your rescue will certeinly meet your glider in a certain point, while if you send it upward you put your rescue “out” of your glider's trajectory.

2) Pulling rescue is actually something that should be automatic and (again because of my own experience) I know that you are much stronger in a critical situation like when you have to throw your rescue, and so 1 fluid motion is often the best way to throw it, because you are saving precious seconds.
BUT you have to keep in mind that throwing your rescue needs some reflexions. The first of them is how high am I ? I am not saying don't throw you rescue high of course, but check out your altitude, if you are low, fuck everything and throw it. But if you are high think about it, about your placement, where you will land etc (exepte if you have a rogallo then throw it as soon as possible so you have more time to steer it) and as well if you are high I would prefer the second option wich is throwing your rescue in two steps, pulling it out and then throwing it, so you can really choose where you throw it. But again this is thing you can think about only if you are high enough. If you are low the fastest way is the best!

3) As I said before in critical situation you are much stronger, and if you have a 2 rescues harness, and you have to throw the second rescue, that's sounds like a critical situation to me :) And so I think that you'll have the strength to pull it in one fluid motion :)

Hope it will helped you :)