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What is the best paraglider for acor for one person beginner in acro? Freestyle 2 or Instancti Acro 2

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Hi, Instinct is more safe than fs2. If you are a complete begginer you can learn with any 1-2 glider or the instinct. When youy have the basics of wo, stalls, sat, spins, you can go with a freestyle glider.

Hope it helps!

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Check out the F-Gravity 2. I have one. Pretty nice wing to start with acro. Thermal flying is no problem.

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Depends on your skills, usual location for flying, your current wing and your take-off weight :-) So why do you want a new glider?

If you are really new and not in the safest environement, the instinct or an old Octane FLX is great. They are really suitable for beginning, if you are not too heavy. On the other hand you could learn Fullstalls, SAT and Wingovers with almost any wing ...

The Freestyle 2 has probably the best performance, so if you are in a place where you need to thermal, it might be the right choice. On the other hand it is more difficult. If you fly mainly over a lake and already have some acro experience, you should also consider a large Thriller, Nikita or Emilie (beofre 12, they got harsher ...) ...